• "Perfect! Masha is one of the kindest sellers I have ever communicated with."

    - Kunkhu

  • "Incredible Customer Service Is Here & some of the Funkiest Merchandise Possible."

    - Mike

  • "Just lovely. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you."

    - Debbie

  • "Beautiful tie!! Arrived very quickly too. My husband will wear it tomorrow :)"

    - Linda

  • "Order got here fast and my uncle loved his gift. Thanks! Will shop again"

    - Slick

  • "Beautiful Bag. Love the print and colors."

    - Winter

  • "Awesome 6 pc. Necktie and bow combo set. Super fast shipping. Great quality. A+"

    - Mr. Brown

  • "Great necktie for the price, shipped fast, packed well & beautifully. Thank you!"

    - Joryne

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Classy Novelty Underwear for Men

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Pillows & Pillow Cases by Abic Arts

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Sunglasses for playing in the Sun!

Protect Your Vision with Essential Eye Health Sunglasses!

Are you tired of sacrificing your eye health for style? Look no further! Our sunglasses not only enhance your style, but they also protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB light spectrums. With increased screen time, it's more important than ever to protect your eyes. Our multi-layer TAC polarized lenses eliminate 100% of UVA/UVB and harmful blue light, ensuring your eyes are protected from harmful glare.  Invest in your eye health today and see the world in a clearer, healthier way. Order your essential eye health sunglasses now!

Style & Eye Protection by:  Bertha, Breed, Earth Wood, Simplify, Sixty1 and Spectrum

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Bodysuits for Kids & Infants

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The flash of a Crayo Watch color!

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Elevon Watch for the high-flyers

News Flash! Use code WATCH20 to Save Time & 20 Percent Today!


Give the gift of timeless elegance with a luxurious mens or ladies watch

A Heartfelt Gift for Every Day. The perfect blend of luxury and style, our mens or ladies watches are more than just timepieces - they're keepsakes to be cherished and enjoyed every day. From the exposed movements of a skeleton watch to the shimmering Mother-of-Pearl clockface, each design is a statement piece crafted with care. Choose from Rose or Yellow gold, steel, and eco-friendly materials for a watch that speaks to your unique taste. Give the gift of timeless elegance and style with a cherished watch that will be treasured for years to come.

Our featured Brands:  Bertha, Breed, Crayo, Earth Wood, Elevon, Heritor Automatic, Morphic, Reign, Shield, Simplify, and Sophie & Freda

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Aromatherapy Soy & Coconut Wax Candles

Featuring Aromatherapy & Vegan candle options with Natural Soy and Coconut Wax in Exclusive Abic Arts decorative glass containers.

The Perfect Gift All Year Round!

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Cube & Tripod Lamps By Abic Arts

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The Bertha Watch is high fashion style

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Introducing a new Breed of Watch

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Take a Hike with these Canvas Kicks!

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Earth Wood Watch is Eco-Luxury in action!

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Canvasses & Posters by Abic Arts

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  • Do Not forget Yourself

    You may be a Multi-tasking phenomenon who is always rewarded for your hard work.

    But if you are like the rest of us, the statement above may need a little help. Just sayin'. It can be hard, but do not leave yourself out. You love gifts, fashions, home decor and accessories to make your 'gathering' mission complete.


    "Wow, I actually completed my shopping list in one stop! And I got something nice to boot!"

  • MashasCorner.com Exclusive custom art designs from our in-house design team, print on demand and designs just for you!

    For the Health Conscious...

    I am trying to improve my health by fitness, and it is not always easy for me. I want to look and feel like I am having fun when working so hard & exercising.

    I may also be one with medical issues, and I want to keep my small testers, inhalers and injections within quick reach and on my person.


    "Wow, this is a Great Gift that I will use every day!"

  • For the Fun-loving Friend...

    As a unique, fun-loving friend, I want to stand alone sometimes with unique styles and designs because I love to be the attraction & I think quarky, wild designs or looks are pure fun!

    I also like art, graphic designs and different colorful & abstract things in my life.

    They make me laugh :)


    "Wow, this is a Great Gift I will use every day!"

  • For the Mother figure...

    As a mom, aunt, sister or grandmother, you know I treasure gifts that are thoughtful, beautiful and long lasting. Timeless gifts that may carry on tradition, that can be handed down and that are meaningful really make me happy. Personal accessories that dangle, glimmer or simply express affection are so meaningful to me.


    "Wow, this is a Great Gift that I will use every day!"

  • For the Father figure...

    As a father, uncle, brother or grandfather, a gift that I can pass on or that I can use and show to aquantances to talk about my close ones always makes me feel proud. Though I may not be a dandy in all things mens style & fashion, I do appreciate timeless, stylish and even intricate wearable devices & accessories that make me feel modern & classy.


    "Wow, this is a Great Gift that I will use every day!"

  • For the Time of Life Achiever...

    Hitting a milestone in my life is always a perfect time to savor the moments. Reaching this next step in the journey, your unique & thoughtful momento of this occasion has made this moment unforgettable and cherished. A retirement, wedding, graduation or personal achievement gift is cherished and even sometimes passed on to others.


    "I will never forget this moment and will look at this gift with pride for years!"

  • For the Co-worker...

    In the office or around the site, I like a gift that I can use or keep as a reminder of the hard work that I am proud of.

    And a gift that is not something that is found just anywhere, and that I can keep around my workspace, and that is fun, safe and will fit me in size or personality. A momento is Always a cool gift to show off.


    "Wow, this is a Great Gift that I will use every day!"

  • For the Commuter

    I need to keep personal things safe while using public transportation, walking on the street, when going through security and standing in long lines.

    I listen or am browsing on my phone, showing ID & carrying my things around while checking the time and drinking my beverage.


    "Wow, this is a Great Gift that I will use every day!"

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