Celebrate "National Garlic Day" with MashasCorner.com -  Discover the savory sensation of National Garlic Day on April 19th, as we celebrate the stinking rose, a versatile vegetable and member of the lily family.

Celebrate "National Garlic Day" with MashasCorner.com

 Discover the savory sensation of National Garlic Day on April 19th, as we celebrate the stinking rose, a versatile vegetable and member of the lily family. From ancient Asia to modern-day kitchens, garlic has been seasoning dishes for over 7,000 years, becoming a staple ingredient in cuisines worldwide.


But there’s more to this potent root than meets the eye, with a range of medicinal purposes attributed to its herbal properties.

  • Garlic has been known to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and even possesses antibiotic capabilities, backed by modern science.
  • Delve deeper into the myth and superstition that surrounds this pungent plant. From warding off vampires to driving away evil spirits, garlic has been a symbol of protection throughout history.
  • According to Greek midwives, garlic was a powerful talisman against malevolent forces, and Roman soldiers believed consuming garlic filled them with courage.
  • And if you’re dreaming of garlic, it might be a sign of good luck! Dreaming of garlic in your house is believed to bring fortune, while dreaming of eating garlic might reveal hidden secrets.
  • With over 300 varieties of garlic grown around the world, there’s no limit to the possibilities of garlic dreams.

So, celebrate National Garlic Day with us and explore the fascinating history, folklore, and health benefits of this versatile and flavorful vegetable. Incorporate it into your favorite dishes, experiment with new recipes, and experience the magic of the stinking rose.


  • Celebrate the day by cooking a terrific meal with garlic.
  • Attend one of the many garlic festivals around the world.
  • Share your favorite recipes using garlic.
  • Plant garlic in your garden so you can have the freshest bulbs possible.
  • Share photos of delicious garlic dishes.
  • Add some extra garlic to your pizza, pasta, or bread.
  • Use #NationalGarlicDay to share on social media.

Garlic FAQ

Q. Where is the garlic capital of the world?
A. Gilroy, California claims to be the Garlic Capital of the World. Will Rogers was once quoted as saying it is “…the only place in America where you can marinate a steak just by hanging it out on a clothesline.”

Q. How do I grow garlic?
A. Garlic grows best in cooler climates because it needs to experience several weeks of cold and dormancy to create new bulbs. Purchase garlic bulbs from a nursery for best results and plant them in the fall to reap the benefits the following year. Plant in well-drained, rich soil. Different varieties grow better in different climates so speak with your local nursery to determine the best garlic bulbs for your area.

Q. How long will garlic last?
A. An unpeeled clove can last up to six weeks or longer if stored in a cool, dry, dark space.

Q. Can I freeze garlic?
A. Yes. Nearly every form of garlic from the whole bulb to minced garlic can be frozen. Seal in an air-tight, freezer-safe container. For minced garlic, divide into teaspoon-sized portions and freeze on a baking sheet. Once frozen, place in a freezer bag.

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