Celebrate National Panda Day with MashaCorner.com

Celebrate National Panda Day with MashaCorner.com

Join MashasCorner.com and Celebrate National Panda Day: Learn About One of the World’s Most Unique Bears

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On March 16th, we celebrate National Panda Day, a day dedicated to bringing awareness to one of the world’s most unique and beloved bears. Pandas are not only cute and cuddly but are also one of the most endangered animals on the planet. Conservationists and animal lovers alike come together to support the increasing efforts of the international community dedicated to protecting and restoring the habitats of these beloved animals.

Native to China, giant pandas are members of the Bear (Ursidae) family. However, their rapidly shrinking habitat is a cause for concern, and as an endangered species, successful panda breeding programs are rare. With only approximately 1,864 pandas left in the wild (according to the World Wide Fund for Nature), it's crucial to raise awareness and support for these magnificent animals.

The black and white coloring of panda bears makes them easily identifiable. But did you know that this coloration was designed for their natural habitat? The snowy mountains and temperate forests of southwest China are the perfect camouflage for these creatures. Despite their sweet disposition, pandas tend to isolate themselves in the wild and eat mostly plants, unlike many other bears. They also do not hibernate in the winter, making them a unique member of the bear family.

As we celebrate National Panda Day, it's essential to remember that our actions have a direct impact on the survival of these amazing animals. We must continue to support the work of conservationists and the international community to ensure the survival of these beloved creatures.

Join the celebration by sharing your love for pandas on social media using the hashtag #NationalPandaDay. Let’s spread awareness and work together to protect and restore the habitats of these magnificent creatures for generations to come.


  • Share your love for pandas! You can do that by learning more about them and supporting panda sanctuaries.
  • Promote ways to protect their shrinking habitat. Support breeding and research programs.
  • Watch a documentary about pandas. Director Lu Chuan filmed Born in China. It follows not only a panda family but also golden savvy monkeys and the snow leopard. Drew Fellman and David Douglas direct Pandas. Researchers from the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding seek to take the program to a whole new level. Actress Kristen Bell narrates.
  • Use #NationalPandaDay on social media.




National Day Calendar continues to research the origins of this wildlife holiday.

Panda FAQ

Q. Do pandas only eat bamboo?

A. No. Panda bears also forage for certain kinds of vegetables and grains. They will also eat eggs and small animals like carnivores do. Perhaps the most surprising thing they eat is carrion.

Q. Do pandas have thumbs?

A. No but they do have an enlarged wrist bone that functions much like a thumb.

Q. Do pandas climb trees?

A. Yes. They also swim.

Q. Do pandas hibernate?

A. Unlike other bears, pandas do not hibernate.

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