Small Chairs, Short Tables and Door Knobs that are lower than usual…

Small Chairs, Short Tables and Door Knobs that are lower than usual…

We knew that it was up to us to help her. Our newborn daughter was hours old and the request for help was heard. Our helpful nurse gently guided my hands to hold her and pat her on the back so she may breath easier. The amount of patting and the firmness that our daughter needed was more than I thought was right. But our nurse assured us, guided us, helped us to know the next steps. Before leaving the room, she educated us on why this was so important. We were grateful to say the least.

In that moment, when you become keenly aware that you are the one; yes, you are that one, that this child is looking to — it can be a sobering, revealing and even scary realization that you have never been in this place before. You realize that you do not yet know how to help — yet. But you say to yourself — “Well, let’s see what is next, and see how to take care of our little one.”

Yes, parents and caretakers will be “here” many times. That comes with the job you might say. However, for some of us, we may come to another realization during our young ones early years. It involves those small chairs, short tables and door knobs that are a bit lower than usual.

We look back to those first days of school and our personal first big memories of chairs and tables that are “just my size” that fit our short little legs. Some of us, maybe for the first time ever, can actually reach the door knobs and door handles. What a place! Then we move on, and outgrow those things in time.

Later, as we have young ones of our own, we sometimes get to revisit those old experiences. Even with a new excitement, we introduce them to those smaller chairs, shorter tables and the door knobs that are within their reach. We again get to experience these moments with them anew. What a joy!

But again, for some of us, as they begin to grow, we may realize that we find ourselves in the company of these small chairs, shorter tables and the door knobs that are made just for our little ones a bit more often. We find that we look up and realize that we have become all too familiar with seeing these. Yes, due to circumstances that were set in motion by time and unforeseen events, we may find ourselves also all too familiar with waiting rooms filled with toys, puzzles and decorated boldly in those favorite kindergarten primary colors.

And once again, we may also find ourselves all too often in that “never been here before” situation. As we support our young one, looking for answers to their unique health conditions that have brought us to these good people, and once again, making that request for help; and again, hopefully receiving that help and education. Because, as you already know that you learned in those first moments, “Well, let’s see what is next, and see how to take care of our little one.” It is for this reason we would like to express these words.

To all of you parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters and loving caregivers — We are proud of you. 

For all of you that find yourselves in those little waiting rooms, filled with smaller chairs, shorter tables and helping your young ones reach up to those door knobs that are now just within their reach — We commend you.

For all that have come to appreciate what goes on behind those walls that bear names such as Ann & Robert H. Lurie, the Children’s Miracle network, Jerry’s Kids or other medical establishments of this sort — Know the appreciation for your endless scheduling & rescheduling of your life. 

Just like that day that this young one took its first breath, looked up to you for help and has looked to you during its times of need; you have let the rest of your life change around you —  adjusting careers, lifestyle and how you spend your time. Yes, the concepts of time and what is important in life is changed forever. You are now the Heroes.

To all who know the full ring of authenticity in these words above — you are a treasure, you are following the course of love and you have got this; even when you do not know what’s next. 

To our fellow caregivers, this is to you. You ‘are’ Brave. You ‘are’ Courage. And you ‘are’ the privileged that stand as warriors by the sides of your young ones as you battle the unknown together. Yes, remember this the next time you are there waiting in those rooms with those bright primary colors, small chairs, shorter little tables and especially the door knobs that are a bit lower than usual.

And if you are the privileged one that supports a caregiver, sitting next to them in those same colorful waiting rooms, trying to squeeze into one of the small chairs and helping us keep it together — Thank you very much for your caring friendship. You are in the presence of a Hero.

~ Masha


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