Founded in 2017, Masha's Corner Began!

Founded in 2017, Masha's Corner Began!

It began on May 30th 2017

While visiting friends out of state, we mused as a family about using more of our time and energy to assist others and work together as a family in the process. That was when we decided to try sourcing high quality "pre-loved" items and making these available on different online purchasing platforms. Could we really do this?

We were about to find out...


The journey

Our presence on eBay  

After gaining some experience selling on eBay, and maintaining our 100% Top Seller status, we decided to expand to selling on Poshmark and other shopping apps. We continue to offer our services on these apps & sites today.

Poshing on Poshmark

Poshmark is fun because we like making deals and work hard to quickly attend to any concerns. We enjoy a number of long-term clients that keep coming back to us, and have found items that they like. We always are very happy to serve.


Our most recent ventures

Our most recent innovation has been to offer an easy walkthrough experience to find unique gifts and accessories for you and your "gift receivers" with a cleaner website, helpful guides and links to our products.

Our latest innovations

  • Special life-celebration gift offerings like Watches, Tie Set gift boxes, stylish sunglasses and many Accessories
  • Exclusive custom art designs from our in-house design team, print on demand and designs just for you!
  • Expanded New to market clothing for kids, mens and womens apparel and accessories


Quality and Service - The Breakdown...

 Our on-hand inventory

 A great portion of our accessories are right here with us. Our goal is to get your order out the door same day if possible. We inspect everything we send out. We feel strongly that you will receive the quality that you deserve.

Our shipping partners

Some of our kids and womens apparel and other accessories, such as watches, sunglasses and a small portion of other items are held in warehouse, and our shipping partners assist us in getting your items to you in a short order fashion. They do an excellent job for us!

Our printing providers

Those items created by our in-house artist and design team (headed by Abic), are prepared and sent out upon purchase. We have multiple partners assisting us, and highly prize their thorough care for quality and efficiency in their craft.


Shop today with Masha's Corner

This is the fun part. We take your confidence in us seriously. Click or Tap HERE to complete your search for that Unique gift that you have been looking for. And do not forget to "gift" yourself in the process!

~ Masha

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