Welcome to "National French Fry Day! with MashasCorner.com

Welcome to "National French Fry Day! with MashasCorner.com

Discover the intriguing history of the French fry,

a culinary delight that traces its origins back to Belgium in the late 18th century. Surprisingly, the name itself is misleading, as these delectable fried potatoes were first crafted in small Belgian villages during a cold winter when the river froze over, hindering the usual fish catch. The ingenious solution involved cutting potatoes into fish-like shapes, providing a substitute for the unavailable fish. Curiously enough, it was the soldiers who fought in World War I and encountered these Belgian Fries that popularized them as "French" fries. At the time, the Belgian army primarily spoke French, leading the troops to mistakenly believe they were in France rather than Belgium. Adding to the complexity, in certain regions, these delectable treats are still referred to as "Flemish Fries."

Today, French fries are adored worldwide, and they have even attained the prestigious title of the "national snack" in the Netherlands. These delightful creations are beloved worldwide, and French Fries Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate their irresistible appeal.

Lets clarify something real quick,

American 'Chips' are not to be confused with French Fries. While chips are thinly sliced pieces of potato fried until crisp, French Fries take a different approach. They are crafted by cutting batons of potato into various thicknesses, creating that signature elongated shape we all know and love. These potato batons are then immersed in sizzling oil, resulting in the mouthwatering creation that has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of millions.

The outer layer of these culinary delights boasts a captivating golden texture, ranging from tender to delightfully crispy. They are commonly served with a simple yet satisfying dusting of salt, allowing the natural flavors to shine. It's this simplicity that makes French Fries the perfect companion to hamburgers and other beloved greasy favorites.

But French Fries are more than just a side dish. They have become a cultural phenomenon, transcending borders and cuisines. Whether you're enjoying them at a fancy restaurant or from a humble food truck, their universal appeal is undeniable.

Craving a taste of nostalgia?

Look no further than French Fries. These familiar and comforting treats have a way of transporting us back to carefree childhood days, reminding us of summer picnics, family outings, and late-night snacking sessions.

French Fries Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the versatility and sheer deliciousness of these humble spuds. So whether you're savoring them on their own, dipping them in ketchup or mayonnaise, or even enjoying them as part of a gourmet dish, let this special day serve as a reminder of the joy that comes from indulging in this timeless treat.

In the world of culinary delights, French Fries reign supreme. Their simple yet captivating nature has earned them a place in the hearts of food lovers everywhere. So, on this auspicious day, take a moment to relish in the magic of French Fries and appreciate the role they play in our gastronomic adventures.

Learn about National French Fry Day

Of course, National French Fry Day was created in order to celebrate this amazing food dish! Whether you have French fries when you get McDonald’s or you often cook your own fries at home, there is no denying that the addition of this potato dish can take any sort of meal to the next level. Therefore, it is only right that we have a National French Fry Day, so that we can indulge in as many French fries as we want and not feel guilty about it.

National French Fry Day used to be celebrated on July 13th every year but, as of 2023, now occurs on the second Friday in July.

How to celebrate National French Fry Day

Sometimes it’s just ‘Oh my God, I love the taste of fried oysters on French bread with mayonnaise and an order of French fries.’ I’m not going to lie to you – I deal with that temptation every single day, many times.

Richard Simmons

With the popularity of French Fry, it’s not surprising that the world has come up with as many different varieties of this delicious food as you could imagine. So one of the best ways to celebrate National French Fry Day is to host a party dedicated to celebrating the international menu the fried potato has created. The simplest variation is simply to put chopped raw onions in some ketchup, and eat them up like they do in the Netherlands.

National French Fry Day is a special time of year when we all get to celebrate the humble french fry, one of the greatest foods known to man.

And what better way to celebrate the French fry than with this list of hilarious products that are guaranteed to make you laugh?

Try some French fry variations!

For the more adventurous, try some of the varieties below!

Canadian Poutine – This recipe is a classic way to have French Fries, originating in Canada. This dish is incredibly decadent, combining the crispy soft texture of the French Fries with rich beef gravy, and topped with cheese curds.

American Bacon Cheeseburger Classic – There is little Americans love more than to add cheese and bacon to just about anything. French fries are no exception, there is little that is as well-loved as a rich, greasy accompaniment to any meal. To make this classic you start with a basic of fries, and layer on bacon, chopped onions, cheese, and ground hamburger before tossing them in the oven just long enough for everything to get melty. Then grab a handful and dig in!

Greek French Fries – The Mediterranean rarely fail at making an already delicious food rich and full of the smells of home. If you love the classic Greek flavors of parmigiano-reggiano or romano cheese, garlic, and oregano, then these fries are going to leave you smiling.

The key ingredients here are Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fry them in, after which you toss them in garlic salt, Greek Oregano, and your choice of cheese such as those mentioned ahead. To get the full impact you’re going to want to stick to the white crumbly cheese of the region, the truly adventurous might use Mazithra cheese.

These are a few dishes that can help enhance National French Fry Day, and really bring out the amazing versatility of this centuries old treat.So get out your deep frier, chop up some potatoes, and celebrate National French Fry Day by eating yourself into a starch filled stupor!

Of course, you don’t need to take inspiration from around the world in order to make your own French fry creation. One thing that we have really noticed as of late is the boom in the use of truffles and truffle oil when it comes to French fries. Black Truffle and Parmesan Fries are super indulgent, offering a decadent way of enjoying this traditional treat. After all, truffles are often called the diamond of the culinary world. They are a rare type of mushroom that has a very intense aroma and distinctive flavour. They are harvested with the aid of truffle dogs or female pigs, which can detect their strong smell.

There are many different kinds of this mushroom, but mainly those in the genus Tuber are delicacies. Two of the most popular types include the white truffle (Tuber magnatum) of Alba and the expensive French black truffle from the Perigord region. Black Truffle and Parmesan Fries are crisp, salty and rich in distinct and delicious truffle flavour. The Parmesan complements the black truffle really well. When Black Truffle and Parmesan Fries are teamed with beef, you have a meal that is going to make everyone jealous!

In fact, you may not have heard of the name ‘steak frites’ before, but it is simply the fancy name for steak with a side of fries, and I am sure you have not only heard of this dish, but also enjoyed it yourself. Steak and fries is served all over the world. People enjoy it in a variation of ways. Some people eat it as it is. Others enjoy it with a side of vegetables or a sauce, whether it is peppercorn, garlic, gravy or something else.

Béarnaise sauce is a popular accompaniment with this dish. This is made using egg yolks, clarified butter and herbs. If you want to have friends or family around on National French Fry Day and you are looking for a way to impress, we would certainly recommend that you team your French Fries with steak. Do this and you can’t go wrong!

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