Join and Celebrate National Scribble Day - Celebrate National Scribble Day on March 27 and inspire children to kindness through art! - #NationalScribbleDay

Celebrate "National Scribble Day" with!

 Celebrate National Scribble Day on March 27 and inspire children to kindness through art! Join in the fun and creativity as we take a moment to appreciate the beauty in each and every one of us.


As John Caples once said, "They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a scribble can be worth even more." Children's scribbles may start out as just lines on a page, but with the addition of eyes and a smile, they can transform into something truly magical.

It's amazing how a personality can leap onto the page, inspiring children to grow and express themselves in new and exciting ways.

  • National Scribble Day is a time to celebrate the power of art and encourage children to embrace their creativity. Whether you're a grandparent, parent, or sibling, everyone can join in on the fun.
  • Grab a box of crayons in every color and let your imagination run wild. Scribble up smiles for everyone and spread a surge of joy that is infectious!
  • The best part about scribbles is that anyone can make them, no matter their ability. So whether you're a master artist or a beginner, everyone can participate in National Scribble Day.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the beauty in each and every one of us, just like a scribble. Let's celebrate our unique personalities and encourage kindness through art.

So mark your calendars and get ready to scribble up some fun on March 27 for National Scribble Day. Let's inspire children to kindness through the power of art and celebrate the magic in each and every one of us.


Scribble with a child on National Scribble Day. Whether it laughs, dances or grins, it doesn’t really matter. The child can laugh, dance and grin, too!

  • Educators, visit for resources and to sign up for stickers.
  • Families, you can participate at home by bringing out the crayons and art supplies. Let the kids of all ages get creative with their scribbles. Art is an excellent way to relieve anxiety and there are no lines to stay between here!
  • Challenge your household to scribble sudsy scribbles – you know, ones that use the right amount of soap when they wash their hands.
  • Have fun naming your scribbles.
  • Turn your final scribbles into a game of who’s who. For example, whose scribble looks most like Mick Jagger or Marilyn Monroe?

Educators, also visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for projects and ways to celebrate the day with your students.

Use #NationalScribbleDay to share your scribbles on social media.


Diane Alber, author of I’m NOT Just a Scribble, founded National Scribble Day in 2019 to share a message of kindness and acceptance and to encourage children to create art no matter their ability. Every artist started with a scribble!

Scribble FAQ

Q. What other days on the calendar are perfect for scribbling?
A. There are several but these three are perfect:
    • National Crayon Day
    • National Kindergarten Day
    • Get Ready For Kindergarten Month
    Q. Are scribbles similar to doodles?
    A. Yes, they are similar, but doodles are somewhat more structured.

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