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The tote bag is not only for knitting yarn or other essentials of the day anymore. Men and women everywhere refer to them as a designer “man bag” or that denim or floral day bag. But in the end, it is still that tote or handbag your favorite grandma or aunt carries at her side; and for good reason!

And Why Not? The essential tote bag goes with us wherever we go. They hold our lunch on the way to work, on our way to the beach or boat. A mini crossbody bag when out having fun or the stylish gym bag; or a cute fashion satchel for a weekend trip to make sure you do not forget your stuff.

So what do you say? Here you will find unique tote bags, sometimes called a “Bag for Life” for business, a unique printed designed by Abic Arts Studio that can go anywhere, packable, and can be used by the commuter, as an everyday assistant to keep it all together. From Canvas and Cork to “leather” and eco-friendly materials, Masha has your “on the go” essentials.

Our featured Brands & Options Umo Lorenzo, Westbend, Hero, Earth Cork & many new selections by Abic Arts Studio under Your Accessories

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